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Making Good Architecture

An Architecture Podcast for
Optimists by Sierra

A podcast to demystify starting a new type of architecture practice. Discover business innovators, free thinkers, and new models for making while we learn to structure our practice. Do good and make good architecture... And make a living? Is it possible?

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Season 1

Spring/Summer 2024. 30 minute interviews. In French. 


Interviews with emerging French architects from the Echelle Un Incubator. 


We explore;

  • solidarity in the construction industry;

  • behind the scenes of starting up an architecture firm;

  • tips for adapting to entrepreneurial life.

Season 2

Fall 2024. Coming soon.

Hosted by Sierra

Sierra is a new practice founded by Eleonore Levieux & Carrie Wilbert to focus on projects at the midpoint of social architecture and resilient urban design based in New York City and Paris. From the plains of Kansas to the beaches of Reunion Island common themes and values tie the practice together in a mission to design better in our changing world.

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